‘Asylum Seekers’ Should Fight For Freedom Back Home, But Americans Must Lead By Example

Nick Hankoff Comments

Over 103,000 migrants were apprehended on the U.S. southern border last month, as crossings continue to rapidly increase. At what point should these people take responsibility for their homelands? And when will Americans who call for that cease being hypocrites?

It’s said that America is the land of the free, because it’s the home of the brave. But how much bravery does it take to scapegoat foreigners escaping tyranny for a better life? Especially in times when the U.S. government, elected by the citizenry, is the one robbing, killing, kidnapping, and enslaving the people?

Still, being a hypocrite doesn’t make one wrong. The U.S. Declaration of Independence acknowledges the natural right of rebellion of all people. It’s the only right described as a duty, actually. But for Americans in particular, it’s even more severe. As Judge Andrew Napolitano points out, the Declaration was adopted into the U.S. Code, so ignoring the “duty, to throw off such Government” is illegal!

Natural law, of course, precedes the constitutions of Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and every other Mexican country. The people there may not have the right of rebellion written down or even a safeguard for the right to bear arms. But that doesn’t excuse those who flee to the U.S. from the question so many Americans instinctively ask: Why not go back you came from and make a better life there?

Overthrowing a government is risky business. Witness the Arab Spring. U.S. regime change interventions are a separate entity, but they help show how revolution can be a state weapon. Prudent, civilized people are rarely revolutionary.

If not now, though, when do conditions warrant revolt? “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats,” H.L. Mencken wrote.

The latest figures show U.S. Customs and Border Protection encountered 103,492 individuals crossing from Mexico in March alone. Compared to March of last year, that was a 148 percent increase. Unaccompanied children are also increasing, with 35,898 crossing so far this year, an increase of 66 percent over 2018.

On paper, the solution seems simple. Abolish welfare and all the goodies taxpayers are subsidizing. Stop military and covert interventions in the internal affairs of foreign nations. End drug prohibition.

Beyond that pie in the sky, taxpayers must rise up against at least one of the following: the TSA, the national security state, the IRS, the Department of Education, or every gun grabbing, thought policing, conscriptive policy they have so far allowed. Show the world how liberty gets done. Nullification might be the most practical starting point.

Immigrants tend to assimilate. If Americans were to be proper hosts and put their house in order, some of their guests just might pitch in to help.

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