Interview with Mary Ruwart about Libertarian Solutions 3.0

Justin Arman Comments

Justin Arman, from The Advocates team, interviewed Dr. Mary Ruwart who for many years served as a columnist for our newsletter.

Her organization, Liberty International, is hosting an event that we’re thrilled to share with you.

J:  I understand that Liberty International (LI) is sponsoring a virtual course “Libertarian Solutions 3.0 (LS 3.0):  How to Share the Libertarian Message with Just About Anyone.”  Can you tell us more?

M:  As you know, the Libertarian Party isn’t focused on teaching new libertarians about the non-aggression principle and its real-world applications. This lack of knowledge makes it tough to share the libertarian message effectively.  LI is partnering with the Advocates of Self-Government to remedy that.

J:  You worked with the Advocates on educating new libertarians earlier when you wrote the “Ask Dr. Ruwart” column for us for a couple decades, didn’t you?

M:  Yes. What made that possible was that LI, then the International Society for Individual Liberty, had educated me, I was new to the movement, in the principles and real-world application of liberty.  Our Kalamazoo, Michigan county LP met regularly to discuss the 30+ trifold issue pamphlets put out by ISIL. We would discuss and debate the material in these trifolds until we were fluent in the libertarian principles and their practice. I brought that knowledge, as well as my own research, to the “Ask Dr. Ruwart” column that Advocates’ readers enjoyed.

J:  Yes, it’s great for The Advocates to have a partner like LI who is dedicated to educating new libertarians and training them to be more persuasive in the movement.  Can you share with our readers what attendees will actually get when attending your event?

M:  Attendees will receive a series of talks about real-world applications of the non-aggression principle (the NAP) as a free add-on to Libertarian Solutions 3.0: “How to Share the Libertarian Message with Just about Anyone.” Attendees will also get a free pdf of the latest edition of my book, Healing Our World, and a 4-part audio set, How to Transform Judeo-Christians, Liberals, New Agers, and Pragmatists into Libertarians, as further reading and reference material. The other speakers are giving free access to some of their material as well.  The cost of LS 3.0 is only $99, but the free add-ons are worth that much, if not more.  If an enrollee uses the code ADVOCATES when registering, they get a 20% discount and the Advocates get a commission as well. It’s a real win-win for everyone!  Your readers can go to to learn more.  Since we do suggest some advance reading and video-viewing after the first session on February 15, it’s best to register now and get started! LS 3.0 is truly a deep dive into how liberty works!

J:  The Advocates is excited to work with LI on this special project and some of us will be attending!

Below is the updated schedule:


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