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Justin Arman Comments

Do you know someone who shows promise in the domains of freedom and self-government? The Advocates for Self-Government has launched an online academy that lets mission-driven libertarians go deeper into the ideas.


How does it work?

Tomorrow’s top libertarian thinkers and doers earn points as they learn.

This learn-and-earn model lets users cash in their points for cool merchandise. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Users register and choose from among a starting lineup of eight courses:


Take Courses, Get Free Merch

As they gain more knowledge, users gain more points. The knowledge is the cake and the merchandise is the icing. All users pay is $5.00 flat-rate shipping for all products. The rest is covered by our supporters!

Here’s an example:

In this video, we return to the ideas of Robert Nozick, particularly as it applies to the idea of whether or not equality or liberty should be a primary political value.

1. Nozick responds to Rawl’s idea of equality as the primary moral-political benchmark by arguing that:

a. Liberty is in the Constitution.
b. Liberty is axiomatic.
c. Liberty upsets patterns.

2. Any egalitarian distribution of goods or opportunities based on a “plan” can never stay in place without:

a. Making the plan comprehensive for the entire country.
b. Continuous violations of people’s rights and freedom.
c. Figuring out everything in advance.

3. According to Nozick, to what extent should government authorities interfere in the lives of others?

a. On a limited basis, such as to maintain order.
b. We should only maintain a basic income for all.
c. The government should never interfere in the lives of others.

* * *

Learner Review

“I would like to recommend this to you if you’re a libertarian, and if you’re not, I highly recommend it … because it’ll give you some new ideas to think about [in terms of] what our society is and what it could be.” – Brian, Facebook comment.


Get Extra Points

We recommend users start with the Human Respect Certification, which gets you extra points and provides a simple, solid basis from which to explore the rest of the courses. From there, the material gets a bit more challenging.

Are you up for the challenge? The process is simple:

1. Register
2. Earn Points By Completing Courses
3. Use Points For Free Merch

That’s it!

As time goes on, we’ll continue to add courses. Indeed, we want to keep users around to deepen their education, so we hope to add lots of future content, including more about improved communication and persuasion techniques.

We hope you share with the budding libertarian in your life. Learners can help us share the project simply by being brand ambassadors. Users gain knowledge and merch while our donors rest knowing more people are getting the concepts of peace, freedom, and self-government. If you consider yourself a veteran or expert, we think you’ll love the refresher – and a new teeshirt might be nice, too.

Are you ready? Let’s do this.

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