Campus Outreach For Students

Campus Outreach For Students

What if you could double—or triple—membership for your libertarian campus group?

Here’s how. Advocates for Self-Government will provide you with the most effective outreach tool available in the liberty movement — at no charge to you! Our “Operation: Politically Homeless” (OPH) kit is guaranteed to help you quickly discover and recruit new libertarians on your campus.

OPH is the Advocates’ fun and proven “event in a kit” that uses the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and eye-catching graphics to turn an ordinary ho-hum outreach booth into a crowd-drawing, crowd-pleasing event that’s fun for exhibiters and attendees alike. (Yes, fun! We hear that over and over again.)

OPH also makes it far easier for you to get the contact information from students on your campus who are libertarians or interested in learning more about libertarian ideas. It’s a great tool that libertarian activists have used for decades to increase membership, find allies, and stimulate public awareness of libertarianism.

OPH has been enthusiastically endorsed by libertarian leaders in organizations including Young Americans for Liberty, Students for Liberty, College Libertarians, the Republican Leadership Caucus, the Libertarian Party… and many more!

OPH kits normally sell for nearly $50 plus shipping, but our generous supporters have made it possible for us to provide campus libertarian groups an OPH kit at no charge. All we ask in return… is that you use it!

THESE KITS ARE FREE FOR STUDENTS! We ask that your organization:

  1. Run at least 2 OPH events per school year
  2. Send us a report about your experiences and successes (a quick email is fine)
  3. Send us some good action photos of your booth

Remember two is just a minimum. The more you do, the more libertarians you will discover, the more members you’ll add to your group, and the more people will be introduced to the ideas of liberty!

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OPH: The Best Tool for Growing the Libertarian Movement

Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) from the Advocates for Self-Government is one of the most effective and widely-praised outreach tools in the Liberty Movement.

OPH empowers libertarian activists with everything they need to easily set up eye-catching outreach booths that entice passers-by to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and encounter libertarian ideas. Tens of thousands of Americans have been exposed to the ideas of a new political map thanks to OPH. Thousands have become libertarians, thanks to Operation Politically Homeless!

And another great thing about OPH — it is FUN! Over and over again, users tell us how much fun they have with OPH. It’s a great outreach activity for new libertarians and veterans alike.

Each OPH Kit provides everything you need to supply a booth, including banners, posters, Quiz cards and even how-to training materials, so it’s a snap to run a libertarian outreach program at your next big event — just add volunteers!

Want to learn more? Everything you need to know about running an Operation Politically Homeless booth is available in the OPH Training Manual.

Who doesn’t need a checklist to ensure they have all the necessary components for a successful OPH outreach event? Make sure you print off a copy of this checklist before you head to your next event.

Get started with your successful outreach right away — order your OPH Kit today!

FREE OFFER FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS: If you are a college student, you can qualify for an OPH at no cost to you! Find out how here.

“An incredibly successful tool!”

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And start growing your group by leaps and bounds!

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Libertarian Leaders and Activists Praise OPH

“Every libertarian club or chapter should have at least one Operation Politically Homeless booth, and maybe more than one. And they should use them — all the time!” — Ron Crickenberger, former National Libertarian Party Campaign Director

“Operation Politically Homeless… probably uncovered more budding young libertarians in one day than we’ve found in the entire past year.” — Libertarian Association of Massachusetts newsletter

“Folks, OPH has got to be one of the best PR devices ever invented! We signed up new members and made lots of friends. The neatest thing about OPH is that it works so well, and it’s just so much fun for everybody.” — Dave Tartaglia, Pennsylvania

“At least twice, maybe three times, we actually chased people away to close the booth. We said, ‘I’m sorry, we’ll come back next month, but we gotta go.’ And we’d just start folding up, and there’s still be people standing there, still waiting to take the Quiz.” — George Schwappach, Texas

“I’ve done several OPH booths now and I am still amazed at how easy it is to get even shy volunteers to come out of their shells and invite people in to take the Quiz.” — Allan Wallace, Founder, Outright Libertarians

“I could not believe the number of people who stopped at our booth! There were so many that I barely got a chance to sit down. I saw many faces light up with understanding.” — Elle Spertus, Massachusetts

“OPH is great. Unlike the other political booths, we had something that intrigued people — they wanted to see and take the Quiz, they wanted to see where they stood politically on the chart. OPH is a great, great tool to have — a great way to discover new libertarians!” — Beth Morgan, Georgia

“Operation Politically Homeless, from the Advocates for Self-Government, is an incredibly successful tool… It is based on the Nolan chart, and it shows people that politics go beyond left and right.” — Kimberly Crawley, Ontario (Canada) Libertarian Party

“Operation Politically Homeless… probably uncovered more budding young libertarians in one day than we’ve found in the entire past year.” — Libertarian Association of Massachusetts newsletter

“The OPH booth was a big hit. Numerous people stated that it was the most interesting exhibit on the grounds that day.” — Carl Wimmer, Kentucky

“Several people came up [at a home-schooling convention] and said, ‘You have the most interesting table here!’” — Virginia Flynn, Morganville, New Jersey

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Here’s what students from all over the country are saying about OPH:


We used the OPH kit at the school’s club fair last week and recruited 55 new members to the club.

Todd Hollenbeck, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Students for Liberty Campus Coordinator


I can honestly say implementing OPH is one of the best methods of recruitment for those of us involved in spreading the message of more personal responsibility and less government. Words cannot describe the feeling I had as I witnessed the growth of the liberty movement firsthand.

David Torres, University of Houston at Clear Lake, Young Americans for Liberty


One of our leaders, Kevin Duewel at George Washington University, used OPH to attract students during a student organization fair. He found it to be incredibly successful and attracted over 60 new students to his organization, 15 of whom he identifies as potential ‘core leaders’ for the future. Thank you so much for the support you have given SFL and the groups in our network you are making a huge difference on campuses across the country.

Peter J. Neiger, Internal Operations Manager, Students For Liberty


OPH is a great tool to get students interested.

Brandon Wasicsko, Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles for Liberty.


Last semester, OPH was integral to our group’s establishment. [It] attracted key individuals who now serve as the foundation for our organization.

Adam Mastrangeli, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Libertarians


We used the Operation Politically Homeless kit to draw attention to the World’s Smallest Political Quiz… and were able to get 102 new sign-ups! The success of the event has everyone in the club excited about increasing our presence on campus this year and promoting liberty!

Christopher Eager, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Young Americans for Liberty


Operation Politically Homeless kits are a great way to engage students from across the political spectrum. We signed up new members and advertised our upcoming events. By the end of the day, we helped a lot of students discover, confirm, and/or question their political ideological convictions.

Kevin Duewel, Liberty Society of George Washington University


We are all huge fans of the Advocates and very grateful for your support of SFL and student activism. At our Midwest Conference this past Saturday, we held a Student Activism Panel and when asked the best way to find new group members, everyone agreed the best thing to do was get an OPH Kit from the Advocates.

Clark Ruper, Vice President, Students For Liberty


Enticed by the colorful posters and the full table display, nearly one hundred students came up… Group membership increased ten-fold!”

Mikayla Hall, Washington State University, Young Americans for Liberty


Awesome! OPH is doing wonders in promoting liberty on the UT campus!

Andy Fernandez, University of Texas Libertarian Longhorns


OPH is a breakthrough tool. Anyone can do it — it’s so easy. It’s not only a great tool for attracting people, it’s also a great tool for keeping people involved.

Matthew “Boomer” Shannon, California Libertarian Party Executive Committee


oung Americans for Liberty at Vanderbilt University tabled from morning to afternoon. We had great participation and students were very receptive to our message… In the end we had about 100 students take the survey and 11 new members.”

Kenny Tan, Vanderbilt University, Young Americans for Liberty


The Pepperdine College Libertarians used the OPH kit yesterday. It was amazing! We had 20-plus students realize they were libertarians and signed up to get information about our meetings because they want to learn more about the ideas of liberty! It was incredible! It was the most successful tabling we have ever done. Thank you so much!

Michelle J. Fields, Pepperdine College Libertarians


Operation Politically Homeless wildly surpassed all my hopes and expectations. It is the most powerful recruitment tool in the liberty movement.”

Clint Townsend, University of North Texas

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