The Advocates programs advance the entire Liberty Movement by:

  • Exposing millions to libertarianism by replacing the old “Left-Right” political map with a more inclusive and accurate model such as the one used by our World’s Smallest Political Quiz.
  • Creating new libertarians by presenting the freedom philosophy in an honest and persuasive way.
  • Equipping libertarian activists with the tools and skills they need to successfully impact their communities through tools and training.
  • The Advocates combines years of activism experience with the newest advances in technology, psychology, and communications to expose millions to the ideas of liberty and equip the Liberty Movement with the tools to change the world.

We believe liberty is the best way to achieve peace and prosperity. And the best way to achieve liberty is by effectively communicating the ideas of entrepreneurship, limited government, civil liberties and individual responsibility to the public.

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These programs are made possible by your generous donations!

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